Another Year Wasted

by Spirulina

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released January 15, 2015

Aidan Errickson - Vocals/Guitar
Tom Byrnes - Bass
Dave Kess - Drums

Cameron Konner - Production/Mixing
Jacob Folk - Mastering

Addison Blanda/Danielle Degon - Album Art



all rights reserved


Spirulina Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Another Year Wasted
bathing in hate
i'd piss on your self-esteem
cause i know that you'd let me

can't waste a year
unless you really try
try someone elses life

just don't tell me where you are

do you collapse
when the words get heavier
be a human satellite

tracing your rage
wasting an art degree
pretend to be a mystery

just don't tell me where you are

i'm getting on the bus
i can't afford the train
how much would you give up?
i've got myself to blame
Track Name: Melinda
you are some fucked up
chasing old fashioned ways
never stop to contemplate
decisions that you make

wondering is it time to die?
urgency in a plight of sirens
there is no agency
when your mouth is feeling dry

call me in the dead of night
scared that you can't fight
the demons that you hide
when they come to say goodbye

melinda you're short of breath
i swear i can't taunt death
anymore while you cry
and breathing in my sighs

i don't care much about the way you dress
and i don't care about the weird dreams that you have
melinda i wanna see you undress
and i don't care about the weird dreams that you have

i never wanna see you here
call your brother melinda
better off that we just stay in
i think i'd lose my mind again
Track Name: Dead Friend
crying cause your girlfriend left you
too drunk on a wednesday night
i know i said i smoke when i want to

i just can't stop drinking
i can't keep a promise

even if you beg
Track Name: Fruitless (Ophelia's Dream)
prescription necessary
secondary to who you want to
be, the ghost of who
you are to me

there’s no answers,
just misunderstandings
its the root of all the pain
and suffering in your life

you can’t talk to me
it’s all ophelia’s dream
sola gratia
my own temptations
drowned in the river right next to me

there’s no love without suffering
no art without suffering
you’ll reap what you sow
you’ll learn what you don’t know
Track Name: Scab
and when you say goodbye
it doesn't mean a thing
i wanted you to rot
become the person you couldn't reconcile
if you tried

have you ever been a sealant
for something so wound up you hope it dies?

and when you say goodbye
i know you idolize
the spaces left behind
watching you walk away
but things are different now
drinking your memories
let god sit in your lap
and fill your pockets with
change from all the guilt spent on your youth

you're like a scab
you're not healed and i would rip you off
you're like a scab
you're congealed and i would rip you off
Track Name: Polyanna
it's weird
when i look at the sun
i'm not sure if it's real or if i'm dreaming

i feel derealized
like i'm just babysitting my dead body

well, don't look down
you know i saw a light that made me
never had a chance to see

but then i saw it on the tv
it came back to me
the way i felt before i fell asleep

i know that this can't be real
because if it were then i wouldn't
have to ask for it
its not over
until you enjoy it
Track Name: Sunbomb
i made you all of my letters
i'm on fire

its like you're written in stone
i'm made of ice

now i've got 3
i will see
the time you waste in me
a dream
convincing me

to be the glue
holding your spine
in place for you
prove to me
you're not policing me

i'm sunbombing wings on the back
of a rorschachan tide
and when they find my body on the front
they won't know its mine

the pill bottles you hide
behind the seams you rot
in all your dreams

you're scared of the mirror
and you want to fuck all guilt

i'm sunbombing wings on the back
of a rorschachan tide
and when they find my body on the front
they won't know its mine

cry out towards what we left behind
Track Name: Curare
god i really want you baby
you are my daybreak
are you superannuated?
you are the sunset of my

give me seconds, give me 17 hours of you
7 more to sleep and you know that i’ll
wake up to you

are you a martyr chasing
some just messiah?
if that’s the case then maybe
i think that i would die for

give me seconds, leave my bloody
heart black and blue
seven more to sleep and you know
that i’ll wake up to you